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Tips on creating the perfect ceremony.

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"Loretta was absolutely amazing! After meeting with my husband and I she was able to put together the perfect ceremony to fit in everything we wanted. She truly made our special day unforgettable!"

Tanya H.

Three reminders about weddings, and what to do about them.

No matter how much time you spend planning ahead, there will likely be a last-minute detail you haven't thought about or prepared for.

Your ceremony and wedding day will pass by in a flash...when you look back at photos or videos, you will swear that some of it never happened.

The ceremony is the one part of your wedding day that formalizes your marriage by ritual and by law, creating a new 'entity' known as the 'couple'.

Creating the perfect ceremony


Decide on the order of entry and make sure everyone knows their place. Are there announcements you would like to have made before the wedding begins? Would you like for people to silence their cell phones? Would you prefer they do not take cell phone photographs during your ceremony? Shall I ask guests to stand for the bride's entry?


What tone (formal, relaxed, humorous, reverent or culturally specific) do you want in their opening remarks?


Readings and recitations can come from many sources. Poetry, religious books, songs, movies, greeting cards and books to mention a few. If you don't have any in mind, I am glad to research and suggest some options after our initial meeting or phone conversations.


Many styles to choose from! These are literally, the promises you make to one another. Sometimes, I read a paragraph that you've approved, and you simply answer with "I do." Or I can read a line, and you would repeat it back. Or you can write you own vows and speak them. You can also combine the paragraph or the 'echo' vows with your own vows at the end. Whenever my couple wants their own vows, I offer to have them printed and will hand them to you at the appropriate time and take them back, so you don't have to keep up with pieces of paper.


The wedding ring is your visual reminder of the vows you have just taken. Rings are historic and symbolic, and their exchange is a meaningful and tender part of the ceremony.


There are many cultural and original activities and symbolic rituals! Some I have performed include sand blending, tree planting, hand fasting, rope, Veil and Candle, hand tying, hand washing, gift exchange, candle lighting and other religious ceremonies. It is 'your' ceremony...be as traditional or creative as you wish. I am there to set the tone, to direct the activity and describe it to the guests.


One of my favorite moments is being authorized and privileged to declare you "married" at the end of the ceremony, and 'present' you to your family and friends as a couple. This 'kiss'...well, I'll bet you don't need any instructions on that!