Wedding Tips

A few tips from my years of experience.

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"Though we only spoke a handful of times, Loretta captured our entire relationship in the perfect words. It was as if she had known us throughout our entire relationship."

Cassie C.

A few tips...

If you can afford to hire one, I believe Wedding Planners are usually worth their weight in gold. The last thing you want is to worrying about flower delivery, water stations, music, sound, rentals, limos, arrivals and the hundreds of other decisions that go into even a small and intimate wedding day.

If you don't have a wedding planner, find a friend or family member who is really good at details and coordination—create a checklist with dates and times, and review it frequently. I've seen too many couples so absorbed by planning that they are exhausted and distracted at their own wedding.

Do a sound check before the ceremony for volume and quality. Also, make sure whomever is in charge of the music knows what, how and when to play your selections.